Biohazard Clean Up

Needs immediate attention and clean up. The longer the area is left untreated, the bigger the risk and having health problems arise. Our team members at Restorerz are trained and ready to arrive at the scene and get to work applying the latest methods with the best equipment to start the clean up process.

Blood, bodily fluids, feces, urine, vomit, hypodermic needles, clothing and personal items exposed to disease, hazardous agents, are all considered biohazard. HIV and Hepatitis are diseases that can be the result of exposure to biohazard

Biohazard must be collected, and properly disposed. The effected area must be decontaminated and cleaned in accordance to health codes and safety measures.

From the size and type of the area affected, the type of hazardous agent, the price and the length of the clean up will be based on a few or more factors such as the ones mentioned. Rest assured that our professionals have the expertise to address it all safely and effectively.

Contact Reztorerz, immediately.  Our efficient and discrete team will arrive to your property, make the necessary inspection, report the situation and the clean up and restoration plan back to you and start the process upon your approval.

We are a trusted local Southern California restoration company and put our care and attention into every single residential and other properties and will be by your side when you call upon us.

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