Emergency Services:  Home & Commercial Property Restoration

When disaster hits in the various forms it comes in, flooding and water damage, fire, Biohazard spills, mold and more, you need a highly skilled team to arrive on the scene, assess the situation and get to work, performing the crucial steps in the most efficient, logical order.

Restorerz is Southern California’s most dependable and caring restoration company, with a team that takes swift action in preventing additional harm to your property and planning the recovery and repair process with the latest tools and the most knowledgeable, certified staff of professionals.

We service a multiple counties and cities in Southern California and with our reliable 24-hour emergency service, we will respond to your call and be on our way as soon as you contact us.

From hurricane Damage, flood and storm damage, old or frozen pipes that have burst, damage due to fire an d smoke, backed up and spilling sewer lines, broken, backed up septic tanks, sinks and bath tubs, there are no situations we have not seen, and by addressing such incidents day in and day out, we have gained the necessary plan of action and the expertise to tackle and resolve each unique case.

Natural disasters, other catastrophic incidents, and smaller mishaps that can turn into major destructive forces, hardly ever give home and property owners a visible warning.

Rest assured that when these disasters occur, we would be ready, 24/7 to arrive and start helping with recovery and assistance. Our team will start the damage control and while allowing you to relax, and help you make constructive decisions. We will start the restoration process as soon as you give us the approval and use every talent and expert capability to return your home and commercial property into a normal, healthy, safe place for living and other activities.

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