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The important job of a sump pump is to recognize and stop water from entering and flooding the rooms in your residence. It is because of this very function that requires the pump to be checked regularly and maintained. It works regularly, and the expected wear and tear can result in its failure. It must be repaired or replaced in time to avert disaster. To avoid it, an annual visit from a professional should be scheduled to check it, clean the system, and make sure it is working properly.

Regular inspections are required to make sure the sump pump is performing correctly and doing its life-saving job. All it takes is one failure. Therefore, make sure you schedule that one appointment each year to inspect the pump and give you peace of mind when it comes to protecting your home and the valuables inside.

To check the sump pump all the water inside must be drained. Remember that even the best drainpipe cannot perform properly if the discharge pipe has some sort of a blockage. Therefore, clean it as soon as you can and call on a professional for inspection and maintenance.


For residential, all the debris inside the pump must be removed. Additionally. It needs to be free of dirt and gravel and such smaller items that can block the pipe and affect its performance.

Commercial pumps are larger in size but assuming they will be easier to maintain or clean would be a mistake. In fact, it becomes a bit more complicated to clean them completely. This is definitely the task for a trained technician with the right tools and the experience of having seen it all.

Most Common Sump Pump Problems

An old or overworked sump pump is a recipe for disaster since it will stop performing its job and allow water to enter the basement or where the pump is located and flood the rooms. This is why it is recommended to have another sump pump installed as a safety measure.

Again, the sound advice is to contact a professional, like a team member at RESTORERZ - Damage Restoration. Schedule maintenance, keep your property safe, and your mind free of worries.