Water Damage In Culver City, CA

RESTORERZ - Damage Restoration was called out to a CAT 3/Mold Development loss in Culver City, CA where the homeowner’s toilet had overflowed into the bathroom, garage, and storage area. When we arrived, we assessed the damage and documented the loss and assisted the homeowner in helping a claim with their insurance company. After the claim was filed, we marked all the areas that would need to be addressed during the mitigation process and got to work. To protect our technicians and the homeowners we placed HEPA Air Filtration Devices in the affected areas to avoid cross-contamination.

Our IICRC certified technicians then proceeded to build a containment so that when we do cut the drywall all the bacteria particles go airborne in the containment and are then filtered out by the Air Filtration Device set up in the work area. Once our technicians have removed all the affected building materials, we spray everything down with anti-microbial and set up our drying equipment.

Our technicians then take readings of the area and the saturated building materials and visit the property every 24 hours to check how everything is drying. Once the property reached a dry standard according to the IICRC we removed the equipment and documented it.

We then put together a professional project report which included photos and a line itemized invoice and we sent it directly to the insurance carrier for review. Our project managers then work directly with the insurance carrier to review the invoice and get it paid and we do this all without ever bothering the homeowner. No job is ever too small or too big and that is the RESTORERZ promise!

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